Baptism is a special time for every Christian. It’s a time when we turn our lives over to God and allow Him to walk with us through our journey of life. Some people decide to get baptized twice to renew their faith and get a fresh start with God. Whether this was her first baptism or her second, this feeling is one that country singer and actress Jana Kramer recently experienced in her faith voyage. Kramer was baptized on Sunday and shared a proclamation on her Instagram page, writing that she found healing in Jesus and now realizes that she was never alone.

In her initial post about her baptism, Kramer wrote, “I don’t have the words yet, but for now, there is healing.” Then, she shared a touching video of the baptism. Kramer shared her testimony in detail in a separate post, saying that she’s now stopped walking alone. She says that God was always with her, and she just didn’t think she deserved that. Kramer went on to say that she pushed God away for years because she didn’t know how to trust or if she could trust Him. She also moved away from God because she was scared that He would hurt her.

However, Kramer said she went through a period of difficulties and brokenness last year. It was in the midst of her pain that she realized she wasn’t alone and that God had always been there, waiting for her to come to Him. Kramer also said that she chose to make her faith public on the day of her baptism, and it felt good to know that, no matter what, He is next to her, walking with her. Christian celebrities and fans congratulated Kramer while offering her touching and encouraging affirmations for her inspiring decision.

Actress Candace Cameron Bure wrote, “Praise the Lord. And all the angels sang in Heaven and rejoiced. Praise His holy name! A step in faith reaps the eternal reward.” Former “Bachelor” star Ben Higgins added, “Amen.” At the end of her post, Kramer offered a message to anyone else who may be struggling in their relationship with God. She reminded fans that God is always walking with us and encouraged people to let Him in. She also shared Lamentations 3:22-23, which says, “Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning. Great is Your faithfulness.”

Jana Kramer isn’t the first to have a strained relationship with God, and sadly, she won’t be the last. Many people also believe that they don’t deserve God and feel they can’t trust Him. However, trusting God is the ultimate sign of faith. It means that you give up control and hand it all over to Him. It can be a scary idea, but you also have to trust that He knows what He’s doing and He’ll make the right decision. Another concept people struggle with is they feel they aren’t good enough for God. However, God accepts that we aren’t perfect, and He will take us as we are. If you are struggling in your relationship with God, it’s never too late to give it another try or start over.


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