Hollywood filmmaker and preacher DeVon Franklin and his wife, actress Meagan Good have filed for divorce after nine years of marriage. The couple shared duplicate posts on Instagram announcing their split, sharing a picture of themselves hugging while sitting outside with their backs to the camera.

The couple met while working on the 2011 movie “Jumping the Broom.” They got engaged in May of 2012 after dating for a year. They got married after a month of engagement. The couple shared that no one is at fault for the split, and they think this new chapter is an evolution of their love.

In their dual Instagram posts, the couple shared that they’ve decided to go into their futures separately but forever connected after much prayer and consideration. They celebrate almost a decade of marriage and a love that’s eternal. The couple went on to say that they’re incredibly grateful for their years as husband and wife, and they’re also thankful to God for the testimony they’ve created.

There was a lot of speculation online that the couple was getting divorced, but as recently as December 2nd, Franklin celebrated Good on her new Amazon Prime series, “Harlem.” Franklin shared that he was proud of his wife and was one of the most talented actors he knew.

The news of their divorce surprised many because as recently as 2019, the couple discussed having children. While she was a guest on “Steve,” The Steve Harvey show, with her “Intruder” co-star Michael Ealy, the conversation transitioned into when Good and Franklin would have children. Good said that she always knew that she would be a mother later in life, but Good revealed that she and Franklin talked about it a lot, and she finally got to a place where she felt she was ready. The couple co-wrote “The Wait,” where they talked about the importance of waiting until marriage to be intimate.

As a married couple, deciding to get a divorce is one of the most challenging decisions that you can make. You pray to God to fix whatever issues are happening, but it may be the best decision to go your separate ways.

Genesis 2:24 says that when a man leaves his mother and father and is united to his wife, they become one flesh. Divorce is essentially the separation of that one flesh and can devastate a family. Going through a divorce can be tricky, but it can be a sign from God that it’s time to move on and pursue something else with life.

It’s a great sign that Franklin and Good are on amicable terms with their divorce, but that’s not always the case for every couple. At this point, all Franklin and Good can do is thank God for the time they had together and ask Him to prepare them for their next chapter.

As for what the future holds for Good and Franklin, no one knows that but God. When it comes to divorce and separations, everyone should maintain the attitude of this high-profile Christian couple. Instead of being bitter and angry about the divorce, we should be happy to experience that person and prepare ourselves for the future.


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