Faith is an ideal that is essential to Christianity. Having faith gets people their struggles and propels them into their God-given purpose. Will Smith recently shared faith’s impact on his life while discussing his new film “King Richard,” which chronicles the faith-filled background of Venus and Serena Williams.

In the movie, Smith plays the father and first coach of the tennis icons. In an interview with author and preacher Devon Franklin, Franklin asked Smith if he was a man of faith like his character. Smith responded that you couldn’t reach the pinnacles he’s reached if you don’t love the Lord. He went on to say that you don’t get to sit where he’s sat or move how he moves without a relationship with God. Smith also said that you’d be facing a whole lot of other consequences.

Smith’s background in faith started when he was a child in Philadelphia. Smith connects with the belief of the Williams family because of his grandmother, who was an attendee of Resurrection Baptist Church in Philadelphia. Smith also said that there is a distinction between faith in God and knowledge of God. Having faith comes before you have a revelation, according to Smith. Smith also used the interview to highlight the faith of Oracine Price, the matriarch of the Williams family.

He said that her faith is so solid that she’s entirely, indeed, and sure of what will come. Price says that if you have doubt, that means you don’t trust God. Price says there was never a moment of doubt on the journey to Venus and Serena’s success. Price went on to say that when the Williams’ set out as a family, they knew they were going to do what God ordained them to do.

Smith maintained that it was the family around this belief, and they believed that their devotion would be rewarded, and they never wavered from that belief. Smith added that his grandmother was his spiritual teacher and the most spiritual person that he ever met in his life. Even when she was on her death bed, Smith said that she remained happy and excited to go to heaven.

In the interview, Smith also discussed making headlines in September after he admitted in a GQ interview that he and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, are in an open marriage and engaged in sexual relationships outside of marriage. He admitted that he felt guilty for considering extramarital affairs because of his Christian childhood. However, his wife had a different upbringing where her relatives had unusual relationships.

Hebrews 11:1 says that faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Will Smith has never seen God and doesn’t have proof of His existence, yet he credits his entire career to God. Christians around the world believe in this same sentiment; they believe in God and His wonderous power, even though they’ve never seen Him. If God weren’t real, then the majority of Christians would be in bad shape. His love and our faith in His love are what get us through the hard times and prepare us to face the world.

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