The trailer for the upcoming film 2 Hearts was recently released, and what viewers won’t be prepared for is the incredibly powerful, emotional, and loving message this film delivers.

The film starts off by revealing the love stories of two couples whose stories take place in different decades. Chris (Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi) and Sam (Riverdale’s Tiera Skobye), whose awkward first encounter in a college classroom leads them to become friends and then falling in love. Meanwhile, Jorge (Designated Survivor’s Adan Canto), who is a Cuban exile, falls in love with a flight attendant (Radha Mitchell) after she provides comfort to him during a flight. As both couple’s love story blossoms, viewers will witness the depth of the love and joy the couples will share.

Viewers will watch as two men who come from different backgrounds, different generations, with love stories taking place in different times, become beautifully intertwined through a series of life-altering events. The film is based on the true story of Gorge Bacardi of the Bacardi Rum Company and a random act of kindness from a stranger (Christopher Gregory). 2 Hearts reveals an inspiring message and is the testament to the beautiful gift life can give us all.

2 Hearts will hit theaters October 16th.

Check out the trailer below.


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