Idol Chatter

God was on the side of the New Orleans Saints during their recent game. It seems the Jacksonville Jaguars never stood a chance.

Pope Francis accidentally tweeted out a blessing for the New Orleans Saints hours before their big game, but did so mistakenly. The pope was tweeting Sunday morning about five new saints who were canonized by the Catholic Church, using the hashtag “#Saints.” Twitter automatically adds logos and emojis to hashtags during important events, so naturally added the New Orleans logo to the pope’s tweet. This gave it an unintened meaning that left most laughing histarically.

The pope has 18 million followers, so the “Who Dat?” crowd was quick to notice the mistake. Though they were pretty excited to recieve the papal support. Even ALex Anzalone, the Saints linebacker, tweeted out in surprise saying “Wow, are we blessed or what?!??”.

Turns out the tweet was great forshadowing, as the Saints (5-1) came out on top of the Jaguars (2-4) hours later. The Saints beat the Flordia team 13-6. After, the Saints official Twitter account responded thankfully to the pope, saying “”Couldn’t lose after this. #Blessed and highly favored.”