Idol Chatter

Rikster2/Wikimedia Commons

Rikster2/Wikimedia Commons

Kyle Guy was a star player for the University of Virginia and a NCAA National Champion. Now, Guy is a Sacramento King.

In a trade deal done on draft night, the Kings acquired him from the New York Knicks, which launched Guy’s professional basketball career. Guy was the 55th pick.

Despite not being a surefire draft pick, Guy went into the draft with confidence and security.

“If you shy away, that’s when anxiety will come and haunt you,” Guy told USA Today. “I won’t shy away. Being secure in myself, my faith, my family, I’m not going to be afraid of anything.”

And in a tweet announcing that he was declaring for the draft, Guy wrote that “every last praise and all glory goes to God.”

With his praise, Guy was certainly rewarded.

This isn’t the first time Guy has shared his love of his faith with fans. He experienced an injury while playing with his previous team, but when asked how he was able to overcome it mentally he said: “With my faith in the Lord, and my team.”

His faith was also a big reason why he chose to play with Virginia. His mother, Katy, told the Daily Progress, “Coach Bennett is the only coach who talked about his faith with Kyle. That was very important.”

We are excited to see where Guy goes with his career in the upcoming season.