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Despite what some people seem to think, celebrities are human, too. They have flaws, fears and hopes for the future.  It is how they handle those very human traits that determines whether the paparazzi circles them like vultures circle a piece of roadkill waiting for the next news worthy moment in the celebrity’s meltdown or if the celebrity is left alone because they are not interesting enough for the paparazzi to hound. How celebrities handle their flaws is also instrumental in predicting how they will handle fame. Will they crash and burn or will they go on to live normal, if high profile, lives? Based on how Lauren Daigle handles anxiety and uncertainty, she is likely to avoid making the front pages of tabloids.

During Daigle’s “Look Up Child” tour, a mother and daughter asked Daigle if she had any advice for dealing with fear and anxiety. Daigle’s response was beautiful.

“There are times where I’m like ‘What is happening? This isn’t me, this isn’t me. Someone told me a long time ago, they said, ‘perfect love casts out all fear,’ and I remember listening to that over and over and over again – perfect love casts out all fear,” Daigle said. “Well, I know someone who loves me beyond my wildest imagination, beyond my wildest dreams. And He has a love that’s so rich for me, that He’s actually looking out for yesterday, today and tomorrow. And He can see the things that I can’t see.”

Daigle is not the first to turn to God for comfort, and she will not be the last. Sometimes the power of His love, however, needs restating.

“Even now, as an adult, when more anxiety has been added to my life… I have to say, ‘Okay God, I want to know what You see for tomorrow. Can You come and give me that peace so that I can rest tonight?’…Alright, I have fear here, but if I really believe in that perfect love that You have for me, I’m just gonna push fear aside and say that’s a lie,” Daigle said.

Daigle also shared a personal story of how her anxiety can appear out of nowhere. “I wouldn’t necessarily say ‘Oh I am an anxious person,’ until anxiety comes,” she said. “Last night, I just started crying out of nowhere and I realized what it was, it was anxiety. I was getting anxious because we’re about to come off the road and I’m about to have to go into a different pace of life and it’s a different change every time we come off the road, and I get anxious about that. I don’t like it, I’m like, ‘Let’s just stay in one season of life and just run and enjoy it.’”

To the little girl, Daigle explained how the girl could use Daigle’s technique in her own life. “So, it might be going to school and facing people that are unkind, but guess what, God saw through every single day. On the other side, it was always available, His love is always available. And He was always looking out for me in places that I couldn’t see. And so, that’s what I focus on, ‘Alright God, Your love is better than me trying to control tomorrow or work it out. Your Love is better, and it’ll have my back better than I’ll have my own.’”

Sound wisdom for those of every age and walk of life.


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