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VOA News/WikiCommons

Television writer Chuck Lorre criticized White House press secretary Sarah Hucakabee on his latest “vanity card,” a personal statement he flashes across the screen after the credits of the show. Many are calling the statement “ugly” and “sexist.”

Lorre criticized Sanders for her appearance and for her Christian faith.

“God told me he hasn’t spoken to Sarah Sanders since she was fourteen years old and praying for her skin to clear up,” Lorre wrote. “I have no reason to doubt him.”

The jab at the daughter of retired pastor and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee was likely in response to her recent claim during a CBN News interview that God “wanted Donald Trump to become president.”

The statement came up during Sander’s interview with David Brody and Jennifer Wishon who brought up the question about God’s hand in the 2016 election.

“I think God calls all of us to fill different roles at different times and I think that he wanted Donald Trump to become president, and that’s why he’s there,” Sanders told CBN News. “I think he has done a tremendous job in supporting a lot of the things that people of faith really care about.”

Lorre is known to mock conservatives and the Christian faith. One of his previous “vanity cards” last year included a superficial “prayer” to a God who he doesn’t believe in, asking Him “to make thy presence known” on Election Day.

Lorre said he wanted the “fascist, hate-filled, fear-mongering, demagogic, truth-shattering” Trump administration to be weakened by the midterms.

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