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Korn is recognized as one of the most successful bands of the late 1990s and early 2000s and remains one of the most prolific heavy bands of all time. Even in the midst of fame and musical success at the height of guitarist Brian “Head” Welch’s career, he was fighting serious addiction along with a slew of other demons.

In 2005, Welch’s life was dramatically transformed after he found Christ. This decision prompted him to walk away from the Grammy-Award winning band and a $23 million record deal. He also knew that he needed to accept responsibility as a single parent to stay sober for his young daughter, Jennea.

While the brave move helped him become free of his addictions, it was still a long journey getting to where he is today.

In a new Showtime documentary titled “Loud Krazy Love” the now 48-year-old and his daughter, Jennea are opening up about their complicated relationship and the demons they were both battling. The documentary also features interviews with Welch’s parents and Korn bandmates.

Welch told Fox News that in 2005 MTV contacted him about producing a spirituality show, but the series didn’t work out. He still held on to the footage. Then in 2013, an idea was pitched to him about telling the story of his time with Korn. Welch knew there was an even bigger story to tell.

In the documentary, Welch shares that despite being famous, making a fortune and having a wonderful daughter who he loved, he was still unhappy.

“…I feel like I was too sensitive to things,” Welch told Fox News. “And they would get to me. And I would let them just tear me down. And no matter how successful I got later on, I just felt like, if people really got to know me, got close to me, they wouldn’t like me. That’s the lie I believed about myself. And so I would just mask it with drugs and alcohol for years and years…It wasn’t until I found my faith that I learned to love myself.”

Jennea also shares that during her teen years she was dealing with a big battle of her own: depression and anxiety. She was so lost that at one point she considered committing suicide.

Welch knew that his daughter needed help and enrolled her at the Awakening Youth Academy, a Christian boarding school in Lafayette, Ind. According to The Phoenix New Times. This pivotal move changed her life for the better.

“Boarding school helped me so much because I got to live just a normal life with some girls, some of my best friends,” Jennea told Fox News. “When I was younger, obviously it was difficult because there were some things I was missing out on. But all that stuff has been restored.”

In 2013, Welch reunited with the band Korn and received his daughter’s blessing to do it.

The trailer for the new documentary can be seen below.

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