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There is truly nothing sacred anymore when it comes to the treatment of Christianity in media. That, at least, was the message when Sarah Silverman’s Hulu show took aim at Jesus in her latest episode of “I Love You, America.” According to Silverman, Jesus is pansexual, swears, is highly liberal and has sex with oak trees.

The painful skit begins with Jesus, portrayed by Fred Armisen, waiting in line to vote and having issues with His ID card. Silverman recognizes Him and the two begin talking. Jesus, however, cannot seem to figure out what is different about Silverman, commenting “divinity fail” when she points out that He is supposed to be omniscient. Things only deteriorate from there. Jesus initially claims He does not want to take sides in politics, but then is quick to declare that Americans will let “a Middle Eastern man (Christ) into their hearts, but not their country.” This comes after Jesus explains to Silverman that His “god balls” are “filled with clouds” instead of semen and that “[ejaculating] is actually quite painful.” Jesus then proceeds to demonstrate that He “swears all the time” and is “pansexual. I love everyone and everything. In fact, I had mind-blowing sex with an oak tree the other day… Everyone is my type. I’m literally attracted to everyone.”

Sadly, Netflix has shown that it continues to be open season on Christians in the media. Had any other religion been given such treatment, the backlash would already have leveled the internet. Instead, mocking the central figure of the largest religion in the world is seen as comedy, and Christians, understandably, are not amused. It does not help that this is not the only time Silverman has taken aim at Christianity on her show or that she insists on referring to Christians as “m*****f*****s.” One can only hope that her show finds a less adversarial way to deal with ideas she disagrees with. If not, well, there are plenty of other things for Christians to watch.

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