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“Unbroken: Path to Redemption” is the sequel to the Academy Award nominated 2015 film, “Unbroken.” “Unbroken: Path to Redemption” continued to follow the story of Louis Zamperini, a former Olympian and World War II POW.

The 2015 film “Unbroken” told the incredible story of Louis Zamperini’s early life and war years. As a boy he had a habit of getting himself into trouble by drinking, stealing and smoking, but Louis learned discipline and turned his life around when he began training to be a distance runner. He earned the nickname “The Torrance Tornado” after his hometown of Torrance, and came in 8th at the 1936 Summer Olympics. Captured after his plane crashed in 1943, Louis was placed in a POW camp and tortured by Mutsuhiro Watanabe. Louis, however, refuses to break and is eventually rescued by American troops. “Unbroken” ended with Louis returning home to America and featured a brief slideshow about what happened to Louis after the war.

“Unbroken” ended on a high note, with Louis’ rescue, the information about his marriage and two children, his forgiveness of his captors and finally running a leg of the Olympic Torch relay for the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. While this fits with its aim of being an inspirational story, the film received criticism for seeming to gloss over Louis’ struggle with PTSD and alcoholism after the war as well as his conversion to Christianity. “Unbroken: Path to Redemption” picks up where “Unbroken” left off and depicts Louis’ struggle to heal from his experiences.

Scheduled to be released on September 14, 2018, “Unbroken: Path to Redemption” shows how Louis was haunted by his time as a POW. He fell in love with and married a woman named Cynthia, but Louis’ trauma and desire for revenge nearly destroyed his marriage and chances at healing. The couple, however, managed to find healing after meeting Billy Graham on one of his Crusades and converting to Christianity.

“Unbroken: Path to Redemption” has been called the spiritual successor to “Unbroken” and promises to be a moving story about what it takes to heal and move forward after trauma and the role faith and love play in healing. The trailer is available online now, and the film will be in theaters September 14, 2018.


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