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After the success of the theatrical release of their movie Let There Be Light, Sam and Kevin Sorbo now present a devotional follow-up that takes a deeper dive into themes from the movie, including family, fatherhood, atheism, faith, forgiveness, grief, and redemption.

The new devotional, Share the Light, combines references to the movie’s story, Scriptures, devotions, questions for reflection and discussion, and forty challenges that inspire action to change the world for the better.

The devotional encourage readers to serve others by giving time, resources and investing emotionally in their welfare. Through this we are profoundly affected and changed for the better.  Serving others can be the greatest thing we can do for ourselves. As the book helps you to begin to re-imagine your place in God’s creation, you will gain perspective that often makes your own troubles pale in comparison. We all possess strengths we may not realize until they are needed. Hear the call to make a difference and share God’s light.

Acts of kindness breed more kindness, just as acts of hate breed more hatred. Kevin and Sam’s book encourages people to do good for others, in their families, their communities, and the world in an effort to start a movement to bring civility, virtue, kindness back into our culture. You can change the world, for one person or for many, and be transformed yourself as well!

“People are looking for hope. They are looking for a glimmer of something positive in their lives, because so much negativity happens. Evil, a lot of times, is so hard explain it, why people do the stuff that they do that hurts so many people’s lives. Kevin Sorbo said when speaking about the movie.

The film follows an atheist who changes his views following a series of traumatic events, including the death of his 8-year-old son and a failed marriage.

“In his private life, he is a pretty miserable guy, and an event (a car accident) happens to him, and he can’t really explain his worldview anymore. And he is torn and lost and the only other person that understands him is his ex-wife. It’s that journey and story of hope, faith and, ultimately, I think it’s a love story and the celebration of the importance of being a father to kids.”

Hannity, the movie’s executive producer, described the film as “a real-life emotional roller coaster ride.”

“This is a story about how one man struggles to find his true identity, his faith and how his decisions in life directly impact [things] all around him. It’s a movie that will touch people in every way possible: mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

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