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Today, Friday, January 19, 2018 is the first showing of the new movie “Forever My Girl.” Based on the novel of the same name by Bethany Ashton Wolf, this romance is the perfect movie for a couple looking to enjoy an indoor date on a cold winter night.

“Forever My Girl” tells the story of Liam Page, a young man from the Southern town of Saint Augustine, Louisiana. Liam’s small-town life changed forever when he had a successful hit single. Caught up in the frenzy, he abandoned his high school sweetheart, Josie, on the day they were supposed to get married. Seeking a “clean break,” Liam left home, changed his phone number and cut off all contact with his past.

Eight years later, Liam is a huge music star who is living the life of a party boy. He has numerous one night stands, but still thinks about Josie, the woman he left behind. When his high school best friend is killed in a car accident, Liam returns to his home town and meets Josie once more. He also discovers that Josie has a seven year old daughter named Billie and owns a florist shop. Liam does the math and realizes that Billie is his daughter. As he works to get to know his daughter, he reignites his old romance with Josie.

The film focuses on themes of redemption and enduring love. Jessica Rothe, who plays Josie in the film, said, “I hope that the audience takes away the idea that people deserve second chances, that people can change and that you shouldn’t be afraid to fall in love or to be a romantic. Love can still exist even in this crazy time and world that we’re in.”

Alex Roe, who plays Liam, agreed. “I really appreciate the kind of story of forgiveness. I appreciate the idea that this character initially starts off not that much of a likable guy and as someone who’s kind of lost his way,” said Roe. “What’s amazing about Josie’s character is that she’s made life for herself. She’s completely fine. Her and her daughter are doing great…but for her to be strong enough, to be able to forgive and to see that [Liam] might be able to fit in and be brave enough to actually love again and forgive is amazing.”

“Forever My Girl” is now playing in theaters everywhere, and it is the perfect movie for a date night. Filled with an emphasis on family, the importance of forgiveness and how love never really fades, this Southern romance will leave you wanting to snuggle up with your significant other on a cold winter night.

“[Forever My Girl is] a breath of fresh air with all the negativity that fills our feeds these days,” said Roe. “[It’s] the perfect date movie or girls night out—grab your friends, your family and bring your tissues!”

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