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LD Entertainment’s new inspirational movie, “The Miracle Season,” is based on the true story of the Iowa West High School women’s volleyball team. After winning the state championship the previous year, West lost their star player Caroline “Line” Found when she died in August 2011. In a tragic accident, Caroline lost control of her moped and crashed into a tree. In the wake of Caroline’s death, the team’s tough-love coach worked to help the girls band together and defend their state title.

Some of the women who were on the West High School Volleyball team with Caroline have spoken out about the upcoming film. Olivia Mekies, one of Caroline’s friends and teammates, remarked on the strange sensation brought on by watching the trailer. “It was a lot, for sure. It brings back a lot of initial memories so it was really difficult, for sure. It’s a really exciting time for the community and it’s great, and I’m proud, mostly of her, but of us, too.”

Actress Tiera Skovbye’s character, “Brie,” is based on Olivia Mekies. Tiera reached out to Olivia about playing Brie, and the two women kept in contact throughout the production of the film. “It’s meant a lot for her to be reaching out to me and to be making an effort,” Olivia said. “It’s definitely strange, but they seem to be really wanting to be involved with our story which means a lot.”

Caroline’s story is well known in the local area. In downtown Iowa City, there is a bench decorated to read “Live Like Line,” the unofficial motto of Caroline’s team. All the other decorated benches downtown are repainted every few years, with the exception of the bright blue bench dedicated to Caroline. “Caroline was a person that really reached out to everybody, not just her friends,” said Olivia. “I think really what we’re hoping to get out of this is to just show people, help each other. High school is a tough time for everybody, not just young girls. That’s what we want people to learn from Caroline.”

“The Miracle Season” will be available in theaters everywhere on April 13, 2018, and the trailer has already been released. For those that knew Caroline personally, the film is bittersweet. “It will always be hard,” Olivia said. “It’s hard everyday, so when you see that and it’s all over social media every time you pull up your phone, it’s a lot to take in.”

The upcoming film stars Helen Hurt, William Hurt, Erin Moriarty and Danika Yarosh, and Sean McNamara, director of “Soul Surfer,” directed “The Miracle Season.” The screenplay was written by Elissa Matsueda and writer of “Friday Night Lights,” David Aaron Cohen.

Sports movie fans are looking forward to this latest film from LD Entertainment, especially after LD’s recent successes such as the Academy Award nominated “Jackie” with Natalie Portman, “The Zookeeper’s Wife” with Jessica Chastain and “Megan Leavey” with Kate Mara.

The excitement surrounding the film’s release is tainted by sadness for Caroline’s teammates, just like the state championship they won after Caroline’s death. “Nothing will ever change the fact that we lost a best friend,” Olivia said. “A trophy is not going to make that better, but it was just being able to honor her and get that trophy for her because she wanted that so bad, and at the end of the day, we had to work hard for that, and it was a miracle.”

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