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While Beliefnet is the world’s largest spirituality website, there are other sites out there we also can’t get enough of.

The topic of religion is massive – there is a huge variety of faiths, beliefs, and ideals that are in constant debate, growth and change. With a simple search on Google, we can find out everything we want to know about different religions. We can find out anything from the latest news to what our favorite religious leader is speaking about.

If you are looking for more faith-based content from reliable and captivating websites, check out our favorites.


Patheos is one of the largest religion websites in the world and for good reason. Patheos hosts more than 450 blogs on 11 faith channels that offer commentary and news on a wide range of religious topics. This includes politics, culture, history, lifestyle, family life, business and entertainment. Everything from Buddhism to Paganism is covered, so there is no lack of diverse content to keep you busy. Contributors are well respected in the faith community and include professors, religious leaders and activists.


OnFaith’s multi-faith website is for sharing and commenting on faith-based content such as scripture, sermons and religious music. The community is made up of everyone from clergy members to the average church-goer and OnFaith encourages discussion among members. The founders describe the site as a kind of “Wikipedia for faith” and they cover just about anything you can think of, including Buddhism’s Four Nobel Truths, Conservative Judaism, and the Hijab. An advisory board with members spanning religions helps ensure that religious content is accurate.

Psychology Today – Religion

Psychology Today is a well respect website devoted to everyone’s favorite subject: ourselves. Psychology Today has a division on their site dedicated just to religion and how we best understand it. They explore topics such as faith in our everyday lives, why we believe, how we make sense of the world, and how it binds us together in society. Psychology Today doesn’t stray away from controversial topics and covers many religions and faiths. Contributors to the site are many well respected doctors in the community.

CNN Belief 

CNN Belief covers the faith angels of the world’s biggest and most hard hitting stories, from breaking news to politics to entertainment. CNN Belief is unique in that they not only cover trending stories but also provide more in-depth discovery journalist pieces that dig deep into religious topics. CNN Belief covers religions from around the world and is the go-to for quality and reliable up-to-date news.


iBelieve is one of our favorite websites to help women. The goal of iBelieve is to help women tackle the deeper issues of how their faith relates to the world around them. They place an emphasis on personal experiences through the lens of the Christian faith. You can read daily devotions for women, blogs by notable Christian female bloggers, articles on faith, relationships, health and beauty, food and home, and motherhood all on one site.

World Religion News

World Religion News is exactly what it sounds like – a website that focuses on religion from around the world and provides the latest news on each. The site covers faiths from Agnosticism to Wicca and everything in between. They focus on providing the truth while still engaging and entertaining the readers. World Religion News focuses only on the topic of religion, making it a perfect site for accurate and timely information.

Religious Tolerance

Religious Tolerance has been on the internet for over 22 years, making it older than Google and Amazon. However the site is one of the best places to find scholarly articles, opinion pieces, and information on various faiths. The site focuses on trying to explain accurately the full diversity of religious beliefs, systems of morality, ethics and values. It covers the most basic principles of faith to the high profile topics in the news. It’s a great comprehensive site that has something for everyone.