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alec-baldwin-tina-fey-and-tom-hanksThis past Friday night on Facebook Live, the ACLU Telethon brought together a wide range of celebrities and comedians to raise money for an important cause, our civil liberties. Celebrity favorites including Tom Hanks, Tracy Morgan, Amy Peohler, Tina Fey, and Cecily Strong all joined together for the event.

Hanks took the roll of emcee for the event, while the rest participated in managing phone lines and putting on comedy segments. Final numbers have not been released, but the ACLU telethon raised at least $149,000 for the cause.

The ACLU has been protecting civil liberties since 1920. This point was driven home in the opening of the telethon with a video of why viewers actually need the ACLU. Celebrities reeled off example after example of the ACLU’s positive actions. This was the most serious moment of the broadcast, but really set the stage for why this event was important for all Americans.

After the opening, the broadcast was full of fun and light-hearted moments. In the first hour alone, you could watch as Hanks hounded on Morgan for apparently wearing red pajamas, Ike Barinholtz and Poehler played a very intense game of Guess Who?, and there was a stirring performance on the piano by Norah Jones.

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