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CNN is bringing back the compelling show “Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact and Forgery.” The show welcomes back experts, archeologists, theologians to discuss religious artifacts and the mysteries surrounding the early church.

We will be able to take a journey with Season 2 as researchers work to unearth some impressive findings that include the childhood home of Jesus, the arm of Thomas, the bones of Saint Peter and the stone that proves Pilate’s existence. Watching the show will take into account what it must have been like as a follower of Christ after His crucifixion.

A.R. Bernard is the founder, Senior Pastor and CEO of Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, New York. He was a featured speaker in the Lazarus episode and in the Thomas episode, which examined if Thomas was instrumental in bringing the Gospel to India. We asked Bernard what was notable to him about being involved in the show.

“CNN is a respected news outlet, there are those who would argue that,” he said. Bernard explained that the network took a centered approach with the series and their reach is enormous. There is a real impact to made here.

“Let’s face it if the series was being shown on a Christian station–you are preaching to the choir. You are going to reach people who believe and don’t believe and that’s the part I like most.”

Walking in Jesus’ footsteps in Isreal is profound, but for those who can’t make the trip–the series permits viewers to enter into that world.

“This allows them to get close,” said Bernard who grew closer to Scripture during a trip to the Holy Land. “It makes it real. There’s the tomb and I can see that and I can touch that–it is still there until this day. I think it becomes a support for our faith, not the basis for our faith.”

The series made the characters of Pilate, Peter, Herod and other individuals more vivid.

But it was Thomas that struck a chord.

“For me, it was the symbolization of [doubting] Thomas and [he’s] trying to figure out after spending three and a half years with Jesus why would he need evidence? Yet, there are people who want to believe like Thomas, but they haven’t been able to reason through it and evidence helps them,” explained Bernard. Jesus shared with Thomas that blessed are those who have not seen but still believe. “[Thomas] didn’t represent the few, but the many,” Bernard concluded.

“Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact and Forgery” is a satisfying way to start the Easter season. The show premieres on Sunday, March 5 at 9 PM ET/PT.

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