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Tom Brady, Michael Strahan and Gotham Chopra return with their hit documentary “Religion of Sports” after a successful debut season.

Chopra partnered with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, constructing a first-of-its-kind television documentary series called, “The Religion of Sports” running on exclusively DirecTV’s Audience Network. Collaborating also with retired New York Giants defensive end, Michael Strahan, Brady and Chopra will tackle how the influence of sports has transcended culture and morphed into a religion of its own.

“Sports has always been a spiritual experience for me. Pushing myself and my teammates to perform at the highest level requires a discipline and intensity that is all about mastering the self,” said Brady. “That I’m able to share that experience in another medium – through stories of people for whom sports is a matter of faith – has been a great thrill. I couldn’t be more proud and excited that we’ll be producing another season of Religion of Sports.”

The dedication the players show to the game is similar to the devotion many experience within their chosen religion.

“They have a discipline that is nothing short of, in my opinion, spiritual devotion. The ritual they practice, their entire lives, their commitment to their craft—there is something very spiritual about that I have admired,” said Chopra. We are all spiritual people and we all can connect at some level. It can be through religion, culture, music, fashion and sports. Spiritual traditions like the pilgrimages we go on, the certain dogma we follow and the faith needed in organized religion can be related to in sports. To a sports nut, faith is the foundation they thrive on.

Season 2 of “Religion of Sports” takes viewers around the world. They’ll get an in-depth look at the places where sports, culture and spirituality collide. Some of the highlights for next season will explore the following.

  • Ultra Running – Distances ranging from the Sahara Desert to the Arctic Circle: This is the pinnacle of physical endurance.
  • Bloods vs. Crips-The rival L.A. gangs duke it out on the basketball court in a family-friendly 48-hour cease-fire.
  • Clash in New Zealand – The best rugby players in the British Isles meet one of the southern hemisphere’s most dominant teams, the All Blacks.


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