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2925f08“Move from a life of comfort to significance.” — Michael Phillips

Businessman Michael Phillips was the owner and Chief Operating Officer for one of the fastest growing IT firms in the United States when he decided to walk away from it all after he heard a calling from God.

In June of 2012, Michael left his business and gave his truck away to a stranger in a donut store parking lot. He said that this was the day his “all in” journey began.

Michael launched the All In Movement in 2013, which focuses on reigniting and refreshing the hearts of Christians across America to live “all in” for God. Michael is now sharing his journey through a book titled, Just Choose, which focuses on helping people understand how to live with impractical faith in a practical world.

“I thought I was happy, but it wasn’t until I went ‘all in’ that real life began,” says Michael. “Millions of people know deep down inside that they aren’t quite where they’re supposed to be. They know God has a purpose for their life, but they aren’t sure how to pursue it. The goal of the book is to help every person understand who they are, why God specifically created them, and how to live their life in response to that.”

Michael never wanted to write a book, but then God started telling him to ‘write it down’ so he kept a journal of the ups and downs and lessons learned.

“I believe God had me write the book to solicit a choice from every Christian in America,” says Michael. “It’s time to be ‘all in’ or all out, but there is no more in between.”

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