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If 2016 was a postmodern fashion experiment for most designers—marked by unprecedented use of clashing colors, nonstandard patterns, and unique fabrics—then 2017 is the going to be the refined product of that experimentation.

Don’t let the turning of the year be relegated to a mere temporal event. Use the advent of 2017 as an excuse to reinvent your wardrobe! What you wear is a nonverbal language that speaks to the eye. If you’ve never done so, it’s time to take control of what you’re going to say.

To help you do that, let’s look at what the major designers have in store for 2017.

Single Shoulder

Last year’s obsession with shoulders continues on, albeit in an abbreviated fashion.

The single shoulder cutout is going to be big this year, with popular brands like Hellessy, Tibi, and Monse leading the charge on the runway, which will be sure to trickle down into more affordable and accessible department store racks before long.

Sexy and glamorous, the single shoulder cutout emphasizes a part of the body that nearly everyone can show off with confidence—the shoulders. Showing just one shoulder, however, carries with it an elite air of aristocracy that few other fashion statements can match.

Whether you go for this look in a statement top or an elegant dress, you’re sure to look stunning, stylish, and a touch futuristic, so don’t miss out on this trend.

Out With the Jeans, in With the Khakis

The king is dead. Long live the king.

With the reign of denim coming to a close—although if you know fashion, you know that it will rise again—khakis are now ascending to the throne.

We have a new go-to fabric for our pants so be sure to keep this in mind as you build your fashion repertoire. Whether you go for classic Dickies or Alexander Wang’s slouchy runway designs, keep this mantra in mind: beige is better.


After 2016’s sleepwear-as-outerwear trends, we’re getting an upgrade this year: robes.

We’re not talking about the worn swirl of cotton you relax in after a good bath. We mean gorgeous—and still comfortable—pieces created with unique fabrics and patterns, created by well known fashion designers like Alexander Wang.

Robes and robe-inspired styles are going to be the breakout trend of the year, so take a look at these styles, fresh off the runway, and grab them when they hit the shelves.

Ditch the Purse and Grab a Phone Case

In some ways, 2017 is about aristocratic embellishment. But in others? Total minimalism.

Case study: purses.

That big, black leather bucket you’ve been carrying around is going out this year, and is getting replaced with something much smaller—the cell phone case.

Designers are catching on to the fact that you don’t need to carry much more than your phone these days. With a wave of your device, you can pay for merchandise and meals, as well as performing any number of other, everyday functions.

Ditch the purse and take up a case that can you can fit your phone, plus a few small items, into. This trend, as evidenced by Louis Vuitton’s new line of tech accessories, is going to be big, so go grab your miniaturized travel trunk!

Stripes, Stripes, Stripes

These days, stripes are the ubiquitous staple of fashion—you’ve got to have them somewhere in your wardrobe. That’s not changing this year.

One emerging change, though, is the advent of new patterns—namely, seaside stripes. Yep—pulled straight from beach umbrella fabric and front-yard lounge chairs, this pattern has been shown off by Banana Republic, Rosie Assouline, and Altuzarra, among others.

Wall Street-inspired bankers’ stripes are also making their debut, so keep an eye out for these, as well.

This trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so don’t be afraid to stock up on stripes this year!


While sneakers may be comfortable, sometimes we have to sacrifice a little for the sake of beauty.

Platform shoes are back in a big way—literally. Sky-high platforms have marked many designers’ runway footwear displays this season. But these aren’t the platforms you know—these are covered over in gorgeous prints and patterns, and embellished with studs.

They’re drama for your feet. Don’t miss out.

Pink Reigns

From beauty products to clothing, pink is the it-color of 2017.

Brands like Valentino, Loewe, and Gucci have made runway showings in hues from rose to bubblegum pink, solidifying this style for the year. Expect the color to start hitting stores by mid-spring, and so be sure to tie a little pink into all of the above fashion pieces.

A Bold New Look

Let this be the year that you go bold. Tell people who you are through your style. If it’s an option, tell them loudly.

Keep an eye out for these trends, and you’ll gain the fashion vocabulary you need to get that conversation going, so get out there and shop!

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