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Coach Bobby Bowden’s legacy led the Florida State Seminoles to 3 undefeated seasons and helped the team rank in the top 4 of the AP Poll for 14-straight seasons. Bowden coached the Seminoles from 1976 until his last season in 2009 before his 80th birthday and is one of the most revered coaches of his generation. Bowden’s career started in 1954 and he compiled an overall 377-129 record as a coach. Yet, Bowden is more than a winning coach and he is more than a record-setter–he is a man of faith who is fearless and who unabashedly makes God his priority. He is also known to shine when it came to his players. So, it makes sense that a documentary should be made. And Lifeway Films is doing just that in the new film “Bowden Dynasty: A Story of Faith, Family & Football.” It is courage and grace that makes Bowden not only a legacy but a hero of faith. Bowden, 87, has been using football as a pulpit to inspire his players to put first things first in life.

“Florida gave me that platform,” said the coach. “The West Virginia University did the same thing. They gave me a platform which I could witness from Christ.” If he was coaching today, Bowden said he would still be a light for Christ, regardless of it not being politically correct. The reason is “because I think that is what life is all about. That is one thing the movie tries to show is that you can do it the right way and still be successful.” Former Florida State quarterback Tim Tebow is someone that comes to mind. Tebow is pretty fierce when it comes to being honest about his faith in Christ. Tebow is not afraid to share their faith and Bowden applauds his example.

Since Bowden is outspoken regarding his faith. He explained that he never felt pressure from Florida State or any other university to conform. “I never had any administrator come to me and tell me “‘Hey, you can’t do that.’ I always try to do what I thought was right and let the chips land where they may.” What does Bowden want people to experience after seeing the film? The coach pulled no punches. He said to not be embarrassed by your religion. “Don’t be ashamed of your faith. Speak out, however, you think you should. But keep other people in consideration when you do.”

Check out the film “Bowden Dynasty: A Story of Faith, Family & Football” due for release on Jan. 8th.


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