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If you think you are a sports fan, think again. Maybe you never heard of John Risher who is 106-years-old and loves the Virginia Cavalier football team. In fact, he’s a legend when entering the press box and the media room because of his dedication. You see Risher has been following the team since 1919 and played a game during the 1931 season back when players wore leather helmets. He graduated the following year and earned a medical degree in 1936. In 1963 he volunteered to do the game-days stats and solidified a place in team history.

The passion has never left and the fact that he still drives an hour from Lynchburg to Charlottesville with his brief case to cover games instead of resting on a beach somewhere makes him a superfan.  For the road games the centenarian reportedly drives to Tom Fenstermaker’s house with a bucket of chicken. Fenstermaker heads up game-day stat operations for the team and views Risher as the go-to guy.

What does the nation’s most dedicated fan do to remain healthy? The answer will surprise you and it has very little to do with eating like a rabbit.  The New York Times reported outside of fried chicken  Risher likes grilled cheese sandwiches, chocolate milkshakes, Coca-Cola, fried oysters, ice cream, hamburgers and rare roast beef. He also loves bacon and waffles.

“Everybody asks me, ‘How have you lived so long?’ I tell them, ‘luck, mostly.’ I’ve always been active in athletics, but I’ve never amounted to much,” he shared with the Roanoke Times. Like Risher there are more Americans living to the age of 100. In 2014 there were 72,197 in the U.S. aged 100 or older–an increase from 50,000 in 2000.

Maybe it is fried chicken, luck or sports. One thing is sure, the oldest living Virginia football alum is not slowing down.



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