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chelsea-handler-talks-smokingComedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler revealed that she is set to interview Ann Coulter in the upcoming weeks.

Handler told Alyona Minkovski of The Huffington Post that she “might have to bring in the big guns” when she interviews the conservative commentator on her Netflix show, “Chelsea.”

Chelsea Handler has voiced her distaste for Coulter, due to the controversial and insensitive comments Coulter is known for making. In the interview with Huffington Post, Handler went as far to say that Coulter is “good at eliciting that feeling of grossness inside.” Handler answered a strong “no” when asked if she liked Coulter’s views, as expected.

Handler hosted the late-night talk show Chelsea Lately on the E! network from 2007 to 2014, where she mentioned Coulter on more than one occasion. As an outspoken liberal, Handler readily disagrees with Coulter’s idea of politics. Handler used her platform as a late-night host to call Coulter out on her views.

Coulter has been in the news a lot recently, specifically for her dedication to Presidential nominee Donald Trump. This past week Coulter released her book, “In Trump We Trust,” which has not gone over well with many Republicans. Trump himself even shunned the book.

Handler isn’t the only comedian who isn’t fond of Coulter. Last night, Coulter was “completely slaughtered” by comics at the celebrity roast of Rob Lowe. After the tapping, Coulter laughed it off saying “Everybody has such thin skin. Bless their hearts, they were trying to be funny.”

Handler and Coulter couldn’t be any more different. But Handler enjoys having conversations that are challenging and forces discussion on important topics.

“Intellectually, I don’t think I can match her, but I mean, I like anybody with a difference of opinion,” Handler said. “I like conflict and I’m not averse to that. I like having conversations that are uncomfortable” Handler said.

Uncomfortable may be an understatement. The two will duke it out sometime in September.


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