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The Super Bowl is watched throughout American for the halftime show, the football game and most importantly, the commercials.

In 2015 a record 114.5 million people tuned in, or roughly a third of the US population, making it an advertisers dream platform. This year, $5 million will only buy 30-seconds of airtime.

Throughout the years, many commercials from the Super Bowl have become more than just ads. Some of the commercials will make viewers laugh, while others can leave you feeling horribly sad. The E-Trade’s talking baby ads, which debuted in 2007, was hilarious and partially creepy. While the Volkswagen’s Darth Vader ad from 2011 left us cheering.

Take a look back at some of the most iconic commercials from the Super Bowl.

This year, top contenders Super Bowl 50 included Amazon’s commercial starring Alec Baldwin and T-Mobile’s ad featuring Drake’s Hotline Bling video.

Turkish Airlines aired several ads welcoming visitors to the fictitious Gotham and Metropolis – these commercials starred Ben Affleck as the infamous Bruce Wayne and Jesse Eisenberg as the evil Lex Luther.  Other celebs to join in on this year’s hilarious commercials included Kevin Hart as an overprotective father who allowed his daughter to borrow his Hyundai, Marilyn Monroe “hangry” and in need of a Snickers, Lil Wayne, George Washington and Jeff Goldblum as an unexpected grouping of football fans for and Arnold Schwarzenegger putting on his stealth action hero moves for Mobile Strike. And then of course Doritos kept us all laughing with their baby on an ultrasound machine chasing a chip.

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