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National Geographic will be releasing a four-hour epic television movie event this fall  that takes a historical look at what life was really like for the pilgrims, and the hardships they faced in the New World. Saints & Strangers will not only entertain, but enlighten on what took place between the natives, and the settlers, who were not all saints, but sinners.

Kalani Queypo, Raoul Trujillo and Tatanka Means star as the Native Americans who are dealing with their own conflicts.

With a true clash of values based on historical documents, and experts from the Smithsonian, many passengers came over for financial freedom, not just religious freedom as previously believed. Some were criminals. There was turmoil already brewing in the New World before the Mayflower hit shore. Battling for freedom were also the Native American tribes who dealt with their own political upheavals. With all these variables, conflict would ensue.

Vincent Kartheiser and Anna Camp (left) star as William and Dorothy Bradford.

Starring Kalani Queypo (Squanto), Vincent Kartheiser (William Bradford), Ron Livingston (John Carver), Anna Camp (Dorothy Bradford), Ray Stevenson (Stephen Hopkins), and many other stars add depth to the New England story.

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