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Becky HammonBecky Hammon made history again on Monday by becoming the first female coach to win a NBA Summer League Title, as she led the San Antonio Spurs to a championship victory at the NBA Las Vegas Summer League Championship.

The Spurs first game against the Knicks was a disappointment but they rebounded with a 93-90 win over the Phoenix Suns. In an interview after the game Hammon said, “It was a grind. They’ve been together about 17 days. They really started to kind of gel here these last two or three games. They listened, and they played really hard for me. So I’m just (appreciative of) their attentiveness and alertness and their desire to win.”

Hammon has silenced her critics and put to bed any reservations, that others may have had, about her ability to coach and win. Not only does she understand the game of basketball but she is able to relate to the players at a level that is appreciated and admired.

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