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spectre-B24_SU_09794_rgbHey Bond junkies, get ready for the latest video from 007’ and, “SPECTRE “set for release in November. The footage will focus on a car chase with the elite Aston Martin DB10 and Jaguar C-X75 in Rome. What makes this action so intriguing?  There are only 10 Aston Martin’s in the world, including what you see in the clip.

“I love the idea of this fantastic car being in a one-on-one battle with another incredible car from Jaguar, which is similarly extraordinary actually. So it’s a cat-and-mouse game through the night time streets of Rome, at great speed, between two of the fastest cars in the world,” Director Sam Mendes said.

Daniel Craig returns as James Bond for the 24th Bond film. The story will pick up where the “SkyFall” chapter left when Bond receives a case found by forensics at the “Skyfall” house.

The SPECTRE, a terrorist’s organization is looking for world domination, and the origins are finally revealed in a cryptic message. Click here to see footage.


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