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Jersey Girl, the Body Guard, and Goodfellas–Mike Starr always plays a wise guy. The graduate of Hofstra University’s latest role is the comedy Dancer and the Dame, a film about a police officer (Billy Gardell) demoted to the desk after a failed bust, and later paired with a police dog as a partner.

Starr’s character (Poochareli) is a mob associate from Chicago, but this New Yorker may be tough to crack on film, but in reality is positive, supports his wife, who is a doctor and serves on medical missions, and is the kind of guy you can have a beer or coffee with.

Starr was in Chicago when he read the script for Dancer and the Dame.

“I soon as I heard that Billy Gardell and a couple of my friends were in it, I said I love to be involved. It’s a fun script, the people involved were really good, and really positive people. I am kind of like the Red Herring in the film, which I am used many times,” Starr said, who enjoyed the filming location in Monroe, Louisiana. “I am kind of the linchpin in dealing with the real bad guy.”

Mike-StarrAfter Starr and other members of the crew landed in Houston, the weather was so bad they had to drive seven hours get to the set, and “actually it was a big adventure, and a lot of fun,” Starr laughed, adding it was a “pleasant movie to be involved in, too.”

Being involved and supporting his wife of 11 years is important to Starr.  His wife was a musician and went into medical school and is a pediatric heart surgeon. She’s volunteered in Uganda, Africa, Central America and China.

Compassion and laughter also keeps Starr looking the same after years in the business.

When Starr was at the Goodfellas anniversary celebration people mentioned he didn’t age.

“I said it’s because I laugh all the time.” So when the grandfather of five was asked if he could start giving health tips—Starr was on-board.

Starr will be busy  will be honored at the Hoboken, New Jersey Film festival in May 29 held in Middletown, NY, and going to his newest grandchild’s christening.  Also look for him on Ed Burns and Stephen Spielberg’s new series, Public Morals on TNT.

“It’s an exciting time,”  Starr admitted, and is enjoying the ride as one of the good guys.

Check out Dancer and the Dame here.

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