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It’s David Lettman’s last episode interviewing, so what do you do? Well have his first guest, ever, Bill Murray pop out of a cake – of course!

Murray appeared on the first late night show back in 1982 on NBC and again in 1993 when the show moved to CBS. The ending of the 33-year-old show will also be a final farewell to those who have helped produced and script the successful late night show. Many of those people have worked with Letterman for over 20 years.

The New York Times spoke with the cast and asked them to summarize the many years of experience they all shared. Barbara Gaines, an executive producer, said with emotions, “Crazy people find each other?” The relentless humor along with the farewells will surely be felt throughout the cast and Letterman.

From Tina Fey to Jennifer Lawrence and from George Clooney to Julia Roberts – the great Late Night Show host has interviewed some of the greatest figures we know. In an interview on Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley, Letterman was adamant that he would not be returning to television anytime soon. I think it’s safe to say, that we all hope he revisits that idea.

In case you’re feeling nostalgic, here’s a series of Bill Murray and Letterman clips to brighten your mood.

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