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What would it really feel like to feel immortal? Phoenix Biogenic offers this once in a lifetime offer where the new body will be genetically mastered to perfection. Only a select few are chosen to be the perfect human, and with an activation of a phone I opted in for this interactive fictional experience, and will share it as it unfolds.

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Scientists and researchers believe that it might not be a fantasy, as they discovered that telomeres are a big factor in our aging. Telomeres are caps at the end of strands of our DNA that protect these chromosomes. They are described as plastic tips– like we have on shoelaces and fray contributing to us aging, according to T.A. Sciences, a company founded in 2002, which is studying the phenomena at the cellular level and working to reverse this cycle. The film “Self/Less” (opens in July) explores this science. Ben Kingsley stars as a wealthy man dying of terminal cancer and pays for a procedure to transfer his consciousness into the body of a young perfect man (Ryan Reynolds).

Ask yourself what would you choose if you wanted to be immortal? Is this more of a moral dilemma, and should we manipulate cells to live longer?


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