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The Rock -Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call,” a new reality series coming to TNT, is about inspiration and transformation. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson uses his personal story of triumph and determination to help everyday people, who are facing enormous challenges in their lives.

The Rock, known for his distinguished wrestling career and movie roles, gives back to communities and businesses that are struggling to survive.

Watch him help out Alyssa, a high school dropout looking to turn her life around, or the Tedesco family, who are nearing financial ruin from their failing pizzeria.

Each segment on “Wake Up Call” will be a journey for Rock and his team. With early wake-up calls, emotional reunions and near-impossible goals, everyone who comes in contact with Rock’s electric sense of personal motivation will grow from it, finding inner strength and heart.

Each episode will feature one of Rock’s celebrity friends as a special guest mentor, including UFC President Dana White, Chef Rocco DiSpirito, celebrity stylist and host Jeannie Mai, as well as rapper/producer Juicy J.

“Wake Up Call” premieres Friday, December 12 at 9pmET/8pmC.

Watch the trailer here and get more details on Facebook.

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