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Pippa_MiddletonThe “Kate Effect” has been dominating the fashion and culture scenes for several years now, ever since the news first broke that Kate Middleton and Prince William were ‘getting serious’. Retailers and designers all over the globe have enjoyed benefiting from every frock, fascinator, handbag and hairstyle that Kate graced the pages and covers of “news” outlets, with the resulting sales explosion immediately following.

Are we now experiencing the “Pippa Effect”? From the moment Pippa Middleton, Kate’s little sister, wore the iconic bridesmaid dress that so demurely (but perfectly) displayed her fit physique – after which surgical alterations to achieve the “Pippa Bum” skyrocketed – Pippa has come onto the social scene in ways Kate cannot. Pippa is the picture of youth, style, grace and poise, but she has one benefit Kate does not – the fact the Crown cannot command her entire presence. Pippa may not be a princess, but she definitely is society royalty, and American news programs are recognizing how we on this side of ‘the pond’ can benefit from (exploit?) this Crown connection.

Pippa will be joining the Today crew, as a correspondent, and one can only imagine it’s more for ratings than relatability. But Pippa is fun, flirty, fashionable, and fantastic! And hey – she’s the sister-in-law of the future King of England! She’s a fresh voice for our generation, and is showing that the Crown – by extension – is moving in new directions and isn’t stale or stuffed-shirt, and Pippa is bringing a little bit of the glitz and glamour of the William-and-Kate world over here for us to enjoy. We can’t wait!!

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