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Cheesy Christian video games could become faint memory if the “Tornado Twins” reach their goals.

In two weeks identical twins Ruben and Efraim Meulenberg raised half the funds they needed to create the first episodes of the “The Game Bible Series” through a Kickstarter campaign. The 52-episodes will be “a game-changer for families and gamers,” said Pastor Rick Warren and his wife Kay.

“The Game Bible is an incredible way to experience the stories of the Bible.”

Video GameThe series will allow players to play through the entire Bible from Adam to Jesus without blood or gore in a “side-scroller format,” said the creators who raised $26,110 of the $35,000 needed for the first three episodes. Over $300,000 would be needed to cover the episodes of David and his rise to become the King of Israel. They have until Nov. 1 to raise the all the funds to complete all 10 episodes.

Ruben Meulenberg invited experts from high-level games for guidence.

“To ensure a high level of gameplay, several experts who have been involved in the making of  ‘Assassins Creed PSP’, ‘Stargate PSP’ and the ‘Lego’ games have weighed in on this project.”

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