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Oprah Winfrey has become more than just a successful talk-show host, she is a legendary figure that everyone admires. Her heartfelt words of wisdom are felt within every interview and her mission statements are clear no matter what charity she is involved in.

The one question that baffled even Oprah was when her friend Gene Siskel asked Winfrey, “What did she know for sure?” Not only did the question stop Winfrey in her tracks but it inspired her to write just that – what she knew for sure, a column featured in her O Magazine.

Oprah With ObamaNow after years of writing, Winfrey has compiled what she knows into a book – What I Know For Sure. The book provides wisdom, confidence, thoughts on the pursuit for excellence, health, happiness, love and spirituality. Anything with Winfrey’s name on it is never average. What I Know For Sure is a book that anyone can relate to. It’s a book that goes beyond stereotypes, cultures and preconceived notions – it’s a book developed on experience, perseverance and hope.

Everyone needs a guide in life and Winfrey’s book does just that. What I Know For Sure will walk you through the good, bad and set you up for the future.

In the book Winfrey says, “Having the best things is no substitute for having the best life.” Meaning objects do make a life. In order to have a fulfilled life you must be willing to live and learn. And while it may be rough, in the end having a good life will be worth the battle.

What I Know For Sure is a book for anyone. Everyone needs a little inspiration to get them through life.

For more information and details about Oprah’s new book What I Know For Sure please click here.

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