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While most of the attention for “Soul Surfer” has focused on the real-life inspiration for the movie, Bethany Hamilton, or the actress who plays her , Anna Sophia Robb,  there is one other person whose movie career might benefit from this overtly Christian movie. Carrie Underwood makes her debut in the film as a youth advisor  and in a recent interview she made it clear that choosing a film with a Christian message was no accident. In the interview she explained that she “grew up going to church camp and reading my bible and having different faith books and movies in my life.”  On regards to the content of the film Underwood also said that, “I hope that it is very clear that the faith in this movie is more than an undertone, and that the reason Bethany got through everything was because of her faith in God.”

So while I don’t think Underwood is going to be nominated for any awards for her performance in the movie, she still has an undeniable charm  and appeal on the scream and the movie is clearly the kind of movie many of her fans would enjoy. All of which makes me think this is not going to be Underwood’s last film appearance.

So what movie do you think she would be good in? Is there  a part you think she could or should play that would also be faith-friendly? I know Kristin Chenoweth has said she wants to do Dolly Parton’s life story, but I think Underwood is maybe a more likely choice.

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