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Yahoo. This evening I am headed first to dinner with my lovely friend, Jana Riess, (of Flunking Sainthood), and then we are off to see Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s The Book of Mormon musical on Broadway! It’s still in previews (which makes it feel extra special to get to go) and doesn’t officially open until later this month on March 24th, but the glowing reviews continue to pour in. Valerie Frankel at The Huffington Post absolutely loved it:”Is it as subversive as South Park?” Frankel asks. “Unequivocally, The Book of Mormon is pee-in-pants funny, outrageous, shocking, which you’d expect. What you might not have seen coming are energetic and elaborate dancing, catchy tunes, insight into the nature of faith and the American hubris of spreading our brand of magic and lies all over the globe.”Pee-in-pants funny, plus dancing, plus “insight into the nature of faith” all rolled into one? How could it be bad then? The best (and most reliable) recommendation I’ve seen so far though, comes from Jon Stewart, who gave it an absolute rave–saying it was unbelievable on the funny front (of course), but more than this, intelligent in the realm of religion (and goes on for seven full minutes of the show about it!). I can’t wait to see how this quirky musical takes shape, and I will be back with my own review tomorrow. For now, check out Jon Stewart’s take below.

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