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Chris Medina, recent Idol hopeful who unfortunately didn’t make it through Hollywood week, was on Ryan Seacrest’s radio program today to discuss Idol and his new single when he received a happy shock.

Medina’s fiancée, Juliana, was injured in a serious car accident in 2009, incurring serious facial and brain trauma. She has been undergoing treatments since then and recovery has been slow. Not surprisingly, the treatments are quite costly.

Today Seacrest told Medina live on the air that Proactiv had agreed to donate $35,000 to the Laurus Foundation towards Juliana’s recovery. Medina, who has stood by Juliana through the entire ordeal, was practically speechless. “It’s so awesome. It’s real cool,” he said, obviously overcome with emotion.

The surprises didn’t stop there, however. Seacrest’s next guest, actor Topher Grace from the upcoming film Take Me Home Tonight, deeply touched by Medina’s story, wandered in to the recording booth early and agreed to donate $35,000 himself. In addition (at Seacrest’s prodding), he and his producing partner pledged 1% of “Take Me Home Tonight”s box office gross. If the film makes $30 million, Juliana receives a $300,000 donation.

It’s really nice to see spontaneous generosity like this, especially for those as deserving as Chris Medina and Juliana.

Visit the Laurus Foundation to donate to Juliana’s recovery. You can see video of the interview with Chris Medina and Ryan Seacrest below.

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