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I grew up watching the Steelers and the Iron Curtain dominate the NFL so of course, I was cheering on my favorite team to win yet another Super Bowl and crying in my yellow towel when they didn’t win. But what I appreciate more than the football, silly commericals, or pigging out on food, is that the Super Bowl always offers a platform for some feel-good stories of faith.
Here are three stories that you might have missed during all of the Super Bowl hype that will stay with you even after tonight’s game.
Christians Shed Light on Sex Trafficking: I never thought of the Super Bowl as being a prime target for those who deal in sex trafficking of young women, but come to find out , it is, and there are several Christian groups making an effort to step in at this year’s event and shed light on the problem.
Steeler was baptized: At Media Day, many football players speak up about their faith in Jesus, but the story that caught my attention was Tony Hills story of his conversion to Christianity that lead him to being baptized this season at the Steeler’s practice facility.
Packers’ Rodgers Believes: The star of Sunday night’s game is a devout Christian follower who spoke at great length about his faith at Media Day this past week also. “We all have a platform, we all have a message in our lives,” Rodgers told the press.

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