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Yes, you read that right. So yesterday I blogged about an article I found that discussed outsourcing the soul, and today, while reading the latest issue of New York Magazine I came across a big, splashy “best-of” yoga article, “Highly unorthodox poses from New York’s yoga vanguard,” that included the newest, edgiest trends in yoga.
Apparently, you can now do yoga like an, um, stripper. The proper term is “vertical yoga.” Yup. And the instructor comments of this particular yoga class: “A lot of pole classes are very seductive, but mine is geared toward fitness. With a little work, anyone with a pair of arms and legs can do this basic Pig pose.”
Among the highlights of funky types of yoga you can find these days, my favorites include “breakta-yoga”–that’s breakdancing combined with yoga, and “aerial yoga” where you hang from the ceiling! That one looks kind of awesome.
Definitely check out their slide show of some seriously weird yoga poses.

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