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Hollywood has not had a lot of success with historiclal Biblical epics since “The Passion of the Christ”, but it certainly hasn’t given up trying. The latest attempt looks like it might be a new take on the story of David and Goliath. It was announced in the trades today that Relativity Media and “Exorcism of Emily Rose” directorScott Derrickson plan to bring this giant story to the big screen.
So the good news is that Derrickson is an edgy director with an edgy Christian faith. I am waiting for him to bust out with a truly epic motion picture at some point in his career. Bad news – I am not convinced this project is it. Anything that is already being compared to a movie like “300” makes me a little nervous. I am also not sure what to think about the rumors that the story will start with Goliath chasing down David and other possible liberites with the Biblical account of David and his slingshot slaying of the warrior.
But all those concerns aside, let’s have fun plying the casting game. Who do you think should play David ? Who do you think should play Goliath? Do you worry that Hollywood may not stay true to the Bible narrative or does it not matter?

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