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No matter what our faith background, we’ve likely all asked ourselves the question, “What’s my calling?” The new documentary series “The Calling” airs on the PBS Emmy® and Peabody Award-winning series, Independent Lens, on two consecutive nights: Monday, December 20 and Tuesday, December 21, 2010, from 9 to 11 PM ET / PT and 8 to 10 PM CT. It’s a wonderful story that follows seven young, vibrant, thoughtful and vastly different Americans as they embark on the most extraordinary journey of their lives. Representing Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, and Protestant faiths, each is ignited by the “call” to serve humanity and has decided to join the clergy. It’s a fantastic concept and we look forwarding to digging deeper into these rich stories. For now, enjoy the trailer and tune in (or set your DVR).

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