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Hear me now: if you did not watch AMC’s new show ‘The Walking Dead’ then you have seriously missed out. Yes there are gory parts–just cover your eyes for those–but the show is so well-written, well-acted, and the special effects so good–have I mentioned the awesome special effects?–that you need to catch up right away.
And finally, finally, on the season finale which just aired this week, the characters finally asked the question I’ve been waiting for them to ask all season: Where is god in the middle of this zombie apocalypse?
I am not the only person interested in this question, and this morning I found this fascinating article by John Morehead over at Religion Dispatches on, ready? wait for it?: Zombie Theology! Yes, that’s right. In his article “Toward a Zombie Theology” inspired by ‘The Walking Dead’ he says the following:
“For some time now horror has been the focus of academic study, especially within religious studies. Turns out the final episode of Walking Dead was a case study for the intersection of zombies and theology, and a pointer toward the evolution of both scientific and popular thinking on the soul.”
Yes, yes! I agree. To know about the soul in the midst of a zombie apocalypse you must read his interesting take on the zombie-story genre. And by the way, this show is a runaway success. So get on board the zombie apocalypse train and watch what everyone is talking about. Just don’t be eating anything at the time.

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