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When this season of “Dancing with the Stars” began I praised Bristol Palin for taking the opportunity to do something on her own that would make the best out of her unique set of family circumstances. Now, with Bristol in the final three and pop star Brandy booted out, I have to join the chorus of naysayers who are disgusted with the way Mama Palin has hogged Bristol’s limelight and possibly skewed the outcome of the realitty series.
Bristol has never been at the top of the heap in terms of her scores from the judges, but there has been lots of speculation that her mother’s increaslingly frequent appearances and soundbytes on “DWTS” have been responsible for the voracious viewer support keeping Bristol in the hunt for that mirror ball trophy.
Sure, part of “Dancing’s” appeal is that the audience vote makes the show somewhat of a wild card in terms of results, but at the end of the day, the strongest dancers have always survived. With Brandy gone and Bristol still dancing, that is no longer the case.
I still like Bristol. I still think she is a sweet girl trying to figure her life out. And believe it or not, I am not one of those who are quick to bash Sarah Palin. Which is why I am especially disappointed. How much better for Bristol would it have been for her to go as far as she could in the series without so much as a peep or close-up from her mom? Even if she hadn’t made the finals, the accomplishment of going as far as she did would then have been her own success. Now whatever happens, it will be evaluated in light of her mother’s meddling, and that doesn’t seem like that is either empowering or inspiring for a young woman trying to establish her own voice and be a positive role model for teens everywhere.

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