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With the movie release of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One”, it’s time for all things Potter-related to make the news so once again Rowling is fueling the rumors she will write more books about wizards and magic. At the premiere of the latest Potter film Rowling repeated what she has said previously, that she is open to writing more books but she now says she will not feature Harry Potter at the center of any of them. She also said as much to Oprah recently as well when Rowling commented she “could definitely” write the eighth or ninth “Harry Potter” book .
However, it sounds like any possibility of this is years a way, so in the meantime fans will have to be happy with looking forward to the Potter encyclopedia she is rumored to be working on at the moment to raise money for charity.
Which brings up a good question. If the encyclopedia makes it to print, what information whould you like to see in it that wasn’t fully explained in the books?

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