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renesmee.jpgIn my opinion, Renesmee, the part-human, part-vampire spawn of Bella and Edward (and really, I think spawn is the right word), is the creepiest, oddest character of everyone in Meyer’s “Twilight Saga.” Renesmee disturbs me and so many readers mostly because of how her birth takes place in “Breaking Dawn” (think ‘Rosemary’s Baby’), clawing, and I mean, clawing and biting her way out of Bella’s womb. Then there’s her ability to grow at a greatly accelerated rate, which I suppose isn’t all that strange. But the effect this little baby-turned toddler has on Jacob Black, the werewolf? That’s the creepiest part of all.
Aside from being the love-child of Bella and everyone’s favorite, angsty vampire Edward Cullen (they get pregnant the first time they have sex–St. Augustine would have been proud), Renesmee becomes the love interest of Jacob, the very adult werewolf. That’s right, and Jacob imprints on her from the very moment he lays eyes on this cute little baby. Um, pedophilia anyone? And, ick! While on the one hand, it is nice for Jacob that he can finally stop pining for Bella, but on the other, well, could we possibly have found a love-interest that was closer to his own age?
This weirdness aside, I enjoyed “Breaking Dawn” unlike so many other Meyer’s fans who were horrified by the baby-birth scenes and the Jacob-Renesmee love story, but I’ve been almost dreading the release of the last two movies because of these factors. I don’t know that I want to see Renesmee on screen, and I certainly don’t want to watch Jacob have the hots for a little girl.
Well, as of yesterday, it was announced that the little girl who will play Renesmee has been officially cast for the films. According to, nine-year-old Mackenzie Foy will have the honor of playing the eerie little sub-vampire creature, and the apple of Jacob Black’s eye! (Ick!) Foy is utterly adorable, but I do feel for her, starting out her career by playing one of the creepiest characters a child could play, and for a franchise that is so beyond popular, there is no doubt she will gain attention for the role.

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