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Okay, so I don’t really know how many Idol Chatter readers out there stayed up until midnight last Saturday to watch my beloved alma mater Michigan State fake a field goal and win in overtime against Notre Dame. But as happy as that moment made me, the real story has surfaced since that win. Head coach Mark Dantonio was rushed to a hospital after the game and Sunday was treated for a heart attack.
Though the prognosis seems good for him to recover, Dantonio won’t be on the field for a bit. Still, his latest crisis sent me to surfing the internet to find out more about this man who has slowly but surely changed the face of MSU football on and off the field. What I found was a truly inspiring article about the depth and significance of Christian faith to Dantonio’s life. The article starts with Dantonio explaining his faith this way:”For me it was simply understanding that Mark Dantonio couldn’t do things on his own. I needed that relationship and it is real and it is deeply personal.”
The entire article is really an inspiring must-read for anyone – football fan or not – facing a challenge in his or her life at the moment. And regardless of where your football loyalty lies, I sure hope everyone joins me in praying for Dantonio, his family, and his speedy recovery.

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