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Though the season debut of “Dancing with the Stars” is a guilty pleasure I can Tivo to watch later, tonight I will be glued to Fox as “House’ returns, but just as importantly, one of the best new series of the season premieres tonight on Fox, “Lone Star.”The series – I saw the pilot at a special event this summer – is about a young man who has emulated his father’s con artist lifestyle and currently finds himself living a double life, married to one woman and in love with another all the while he is infiltratng a Texas oil corporation he plans to scam. But for anyone who wants to dismiss this premise as nothing more than “Dallas: Redux”, well that would be a giant mistake.The saga of Bob Allen is not simple a story of a bad boy wanting to go straight. It’s a complex story of fathers and sons and the sins that haunt them. Bob wants to please his corrupt father – brilliantly played by David Keith – while realizing he longer wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. At the same time, he grows closer to his father-in-law (Jon Voight)which causes suspicions and resentment amongst his two sons who have ther own daddy issues.All of these conflicts set up a rich scenario to examine some very soulful issues including destiny,redemption, and integrity.Take a moment to watch the trailer and see if you agree with me that this show beats sequins and high heels.

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