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It’s not the devil making making former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner shake his groove thing but Jesus Christ. At least that’s what Kurt Warner tweeted earlier today regarding some of his fans apparent concern over his appearance on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”
Actually, Warner did more than tweet about it. He wrote a three page explanation about his decision and posted that for his fans as well. Warner decided to address concerns about his dancing with a beautiful woman who wasn’t his wife, hanging out on a secular show and other problems at length and explain that God had clearly called him to be on the show. in his “DWTS” manifesto he said that ” I have been placed here to direct the ‘sick’ to where they can be healed and to go into all the world and preach the gospel.Right now, that world is found and the sick are tuned in on Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC! ”
Okay, I have been a fan of Warner’s in the past and I absolutely don’t doubt his sincerity, but such long-winded declarations of religious zeal stil make me wince. Are there people out there that worried that Warner dancing on a reality show will corrupt his soul? Did Warner – or his fans, for that matter-watch “Footloose” too many times growing up? Why didn’t God remind Warner about those Scriptures about dancing before the Lord if God wanted him on “Stars”?
These are just a few of my – lighthearted – questions, Kurt. Tweet me back.

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