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I remember one of my favorite things to do with my granddad–I’d climb up into one of his big chairs and we’d watch Hawaii Five-0 together, looking forward to some new way in which Steve McGarrett and his team would be stumped by some mysterious series of events, figure it out, find the bad guys and then take ’em off to jail.
The conclusion would always sound the same, as McGarrett would say to his Dan Williams his lieutenant “Book ’em, Dano,” or “Book ‘im, Dano.” Mr. McGarrett was my first TV hero, a role model of an upright guy who told the truth, demanded results from his team, feared no one and always got his man. As a little kid, I went to bed trusting the world was in good hands because Steve McGarrett had again stopped the bad guys.
So I’m thrilled that CBS has decided to do something that doesn’t really happen all that much–they’re launching a TV series based on, yes, an old TV series. “Hawaii Five-0” premieres September 20 and will run on Monday events this Fall.
Many of us have seen movies made from former television shows. My favorites have been “The Fugitive,” “Batman” and “Mission:Impossible.” Other notabables have been “Get Smart,” “Maverick,” “The Untouchables” and “Zorro.” This past summer featured “Sex and the City 2” and “The A-Team.”
But resurrecting an old TV show doesn’t happen all that often, and there’s also some intrigue around this one. The lead actor is an Australian who’s last big role was in “Moonlight,” CBS’ vampire series. Jack Lord (the original Steve McGarrett) had been James Bond’s CIA buddy in “Dr. No.” I’m also curious to hear how much they’ll do with that great and famous theme song.
If you’d like to meet the new stars you can check them out here.
If you’d like to get in the mood you can watch old episodes via live streaming from CBS.
Or, of course, you may choose to give the new show a better chance by not comparing it to the old one. As for me, I look forward to watching the old McGarrett and I have high hopes for the new one.

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