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Yes, yes, yes: despite the fact that I think HBO’s smash hit series ‘True Blood’ is as depraved as it gets, which is not exactly up my alley, I still keep watching it. It might be the train wreck effect the show has on me–it’s so out of control and horrifying I almost can’t tear myself away.
Then there’s the eye roll factor: could this season get any more ‘Twilight’? (Well, except for all the hardcore sex and vulgar language.)
So we are full on into the werewolves vs. vampires scenario on ‘True Blood’ at the moment–sound familiar? I know! Gee. That happens in Twilight. And even more Twilight-y, is the fact that Vampire Bill, has just dumped human-love-of-his-life Sookie Stackhouse and dumped her hard. Can you guess why? Well, because it’s just too dangerous for her to be in love with a vampire plus she should just find a good human to have a nice human life–something Bill can’t ever give to her. Sookie is utterly unprepared for this turnabout in her love life and is devastated. Doesn’t that sound like a certain scene in “New Moon”? Oh, and then there’s the part how Bill’s disappearance and breakup sends her straight into the arms of….wait for it….did you already guess? A werewolf! And one with great abs too.
While this story line was wonderful fun for me when I read the four “Twilight” books, I don’t need to see it redone again and again, just with more sex. I seriously need to quit this show. It has no redeeming value whatsoever at this point. Yet still, I watch…

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